How to email or export photos & files

Standard & custom ways to email and export photos & files

With Solocator, besides autosaving photos to the camera roll and selected cloud services, you manually export, share, and email selected photos from the Solocator photo library. There are two types of buttons to use via the action sheet:

  • Standard Buttons (Standard App)
  • Customisable Buttons (Industry Pack)


The Steps

  1. Go to Solocator photo library (screenshot camera view)
  2. Select photos via the gallery view or map view if using the Industry Pack. You may need to sort via date, location, distance or project name. You can also select via direction using the map view, i.e. select all photos facing towards North East on a specific date or project.
  3. Tap the action button in the bottom left taskbar for multiple photos or the top right when exporting an individual photo. This opens the action sheet with four buttons to share photos as described below. Also, when sharing an individual photo, there is an additional button for re-uploading to the cloud after autosaving.


Standard Buttons

  • Save to camera roll – This button saves selected stamped photo/s to the camera roll.
  • Share photos – Use this button when you’re just sharing photos to other apps, saving to cloud storage or using a third-party email app other than the standard email app.


Customisable Buttons

  • Email – This button, by default, is set to email photos and the photo details if using the standard Solocator app. The selection is shown in grey, and emails are sent via your default email account using the Apple mail app. With the “Industry Pack”, you can customise the button to email several options from a selection of Photos, Photo details, Single map, Multi map, KML, KMZ or CSV.
  • Export/Share – This button can only be used with the “Industry Pack” you can customise the button to export/share several different options from a selection of Photos, Photo details (HTML file), Map links, Single map, Multi map, KML, KMZ or CSV. Some users will use this button to email via third-party email apps other than the default Apple mail app.

Note: Selected photos and files can be either emailed or exported as one zip file

Email or exporting KML/KMZ files: Before emailing or exporting KML/KMZ files, you can further customise the Placemark names for photo locations using “Project Name, “Description”, and “Watermark” fields plus the addition of a photo “Number#”. Custom place mark names are handy to recognise photo location when opening KML or KMZ files in GIS software such as Google Earth.


Email & Export Screen Shots


Email, Share Sheet & Custom Cloud Export

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