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Solocator for Enterprise

Custom Apps for MDM's


For customers using Apple Business Manager or Managed Google Play

In the last few years, the two leading app platforms have changed how app purchases are made for enterprise customers, Apple with Apple Business Manager and Google with Managed Google Play. Based on feedback from enterprise customers and some restrictions on each platform, we created a custom app for iOS and Android to meet the needs of enterprise customers who manage and distribute apps via an MDM (Mobile Device Management) or an EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management). Some common MDM’s used by Solocator customers are Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace One (Airwatch), and IBM MaaS360. To keep things simple, the custom apps have slightly different icons to differentiate between Solocator apps on the public app stores.


Solocator VPP app icon for iOS.

Solocator VPP is a custom app created for purchases via Apple Business Manager. The VPP version of Solocator has the Industry Pack integrated with no in-app purchase and allows organisations to purchase managed licences for MDM distribution or redemption codes. Please get in touch with us to access and buy the custom Solocator VPP app.

Since version 2.6 Solocator iOS VPP app supports configuration keys, MDM administrators can configure specific app fields and switches when assigning the app to users.  For further information on config keys, please contact us.


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Solocator EMM app icon for Android.

Solocator EMM is a custom app created for downloading via Managed Google Play. Like the iOS VPP app, the custom Android version of Solocator has the Industry Pack integrated. However, with Managed Play, Google removed the option to purchase apps and only allow free apps to be downloaded for distributing app licences via an MDM/EMM solutions. Therefore with Solocator EMM, we invoice organisations directly and set them up in the Managed Google Developer portal so they can download app licences. Please connect with us to access and purchase the custom Solocator EMM app.


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