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Solocator is a GPS field camera app with built-in overlays to capture photos for proof. Proof of where, when, what & why we take photos.

While capturing information on the spot is critical so is the process of naming, filing and reporting of photos after they’ve been taken. Solocator’s development has been and will be focussed on both capturing information onto photos and compressing the time of processing of Solocator photos. A great example of this is the ability to name photos based on the GPS and Notes overlays and autosave them into project folders ready to be used back at the office or send them off to a subcontractor, client etc. all done straight after taking a photo. 

The idea for Solocator came about when I was designing and creating another app. The main aim at the time was to capture information about homes, land and property that you are inspecting to buy or rent. In particular, knowing which way the house is oriented and which way rooms face to get the best solar gain. The initial version of Solocator is a feature in Eco Easy Home which is in use in Australia and New Zealand.

But, Solocator on its own has become so much more for many users across so many different industries and needs around the world.

Solocator app with locked GPS position of multi-storey buildings in Sydney Olympic Park.


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Solocator app creator John Civijovski with geospatial and notes overlay.

G’Day, I’m John Civijovski, Civi for short. I’m a hardworking, pull up my sleeves kind of guy living in Sydney, Australia. I like a blend of hands-on work and time to think and solve problems that capture my curiosity. Over the last 30 years, I’ve worked in different areas of the building and construction industries. I started as a structural draftsperson, then moved into sales and development of building products with a heavy focus on developing new products where I could use my creative side. Turning ideas into apps felt like a natural progression after working on several software solutions, including management and field service systems, while working for organisations. I now work for myself and enjoy serving Solocator customers around the world.


As a family man, I also try to find time to follow some other interests or projects that get my juices going or, as my family says, things I talk too much about and makes them want to roll their eyes – their measure I’ve gone too far. I’m curious about most things in life and take an interest in the world around us. Below are a few areas that are more than a passing interest for me.

Eco Easy Home App

Eco easy app website home page.

My first foray into the mobile app world (11 years ago) was Eco Easy Home app. It’s a simple guide to rating your home’s energy and eco-efficiency and searching for homes from real estate listings with better solar orientation. It was designed to help when choosing a new home or improving the one you live in. It’s due for an update, but Solocator comes first.


Eco Easy Home (iOS)


Healthier Weight & Living

Weight loss chart in kilograms.

Over the last few years, I’ve taken a deep dive into changing my diet and lifestyle, which has resulted in a weight loss of 27Kg (59 pounds) from 113.5Kg to 86Kg. I never thought about sharing my ongoing journey, but I’ve had so many ask me how and what I did. I’m no doctor but what I’ve shared with friends seems to resonate. Hopefully, my new blog will inspire others.


Blog Coming Soon


Training a Jack Russell

Broken coat Jack Russell Terrier on a Hammock.

Jay Jay, a broken coat Jack Russell Terrier (JRT), came to us as an eight-week-old puppy in late 2021, during a pandemic lockdown. As anyone who has a JRT will know, they have non-stop energy! I’ve been amazed at this little dog’s intelligence and tenacity, making it a nice challenge as it’s my first time training a pup. For fun, I’m going to share some videos on Jay Jay’s progress.


Videos Coming Soon


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