Settings (Android)


To get to the Solocator Settings screen, tap the settings button in the camera view (just left of the pencil) or swipe to get to the screen on the right of the camera.



MODES Toggle between – Compass | Building | Street (IAP)
Compass Mode Captures the direction of the photo.
Building Mode Captures the Building face direction, i.e. North elevation.
Street Mode Captures street address and part of the Industry Pack (IAP).
Update address every … ft/m If you move from one property to another, you can select at what distance interval to check and update the address. Choose a shorter distance for inner-city work or a greater distance when further away to help save data and battery usage.
Show capture modes (IAP) This option switches On/Off capture modes and can only show the GPS info bar showing more of the photo.
Switch modes in camera view This option switches On/Off the ability to tap between the different capture modes in the camera view. Switch this off if you frequently only use one of the capture modes to avoid accidentally switching to a different mode on the go.


Use True North When switched off, reverts to Magnetic North.



(Choose what info to overlay on photos)

GPS refresh rate (LOW / MED / HIGH) A high refresh rate will give you greater and quicker accuracy but will increase battery usage.
Bearing (BRG) Direction of photo taken.
◉ Position (POS) GPS position and ± accuracy.
Coordinate format Choose different Lat/long formats or choose UTM or MGRS if you’ve purchased Industry Pack.
▲ Altitude (ALT) Altitude above sea level.
± Accuracy Assumed accuracy to your current GPS position.
Use Metric Units Switch between Imperial (ft) and metric (m) for altitude, GPS accuracy and distance in the photo library.
Show GPS info with icons Use Unicode icons instead of abbreviations to segment info.
Locked GPS location alert When switched on, you get an alert to remind you that you’ve moved from a locked location. It pops up when you try to take a photo at the new location.
Get addresses for the photo library From v2.3 photo album has an option to sort photos by location. Sometimes you may take photos out of network coverage, so use this button to get and update the location for photos in the album.


Roll Indicator On/Off
Landscape mode locked You can choose to lock the camera in landscape orientation with the On/Off switch. This mode is handy for taking photos downwards with the device in a horizontal position.
Camera Direction This switch turns the camera direction icon on and off in the camera view. The icon allows you to switch between the front (selfie) and back camera.
Shutter sound on On/Off
Flash Auto/On/Off
Photo Quality Low/Med/High
Photo Size Select the size you would like photos to be saved in Solocator library autosaved to camera roll. The maximum photo size in the list will differ depending on your device.
Auto save original photos Automatically saves original high res photo to camera roll.
Auto save stamped photos Automatically saves stamped photos with GPS info to camera roll.


Filename Structure Default filename structure is “Solocator-Date-Time”, but with the Industry Pack user can define the filename from fields: Project Name, Description, Watermark, Street Address, Date, Time, Number# and Custom user text. You can also sort the order of all filename fields.


Date/Time When switched on, the date & Time is stamped on the bottom right corner of the photos.
24hr time format On/Off
Background gradient A background gradient % can be used behind Notes Overlay at the bottom of photos. A 30%-40% gradient is a good place to start.
Text colour White/Green/Black, Select a colour that works well for the type of photos you take.
Watermark (IAP) Add your company name or photographer name up to 25 characters.
Font Size The default font size for Notes Overlay fields is 10pts and can be changed to 20pts. The font size alters all fields: Project Name, Photo Description, Watermark and Date/Time.


Email photos as a zip file When switched on, photos selected, including maps, KML, KMZ and CSV files, will be emailed as a zip file.
Export photos as a zip file When switched on, photos selected, including maps, KML, KMZ and CSV files, will be exported as a zip file.

Note! (IAP) = (part of “Industry Pack” In-App Purchase)

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