Photo View (iOS)

Stamped photo with location data in Solocator app gallery.VIEWING A INDIVIDUAL PHOTO

Map button: This opens a map view with a pin showing the position of the photo and a shaded fan showing the direction of the photo.

Action/Share button: This feature has a few options.

  • Share the photo to third-party apps like What’s app, Facebook, Files, Notes, or save to cloud storage apps.
  • Email individual photos with GPS coordinates, bearing and links to Apple Maps and Google Maps.
  • Save this photo to the camera roll.
  • Custom email and export options as highlighted in How to email or export photos & files.

Add/Edit button: Opens editing options for Notes & Camera overlays. You could add text to the notes fields if the photo was taken without Project Name, Description or Watermark. Descriptions are only stamped onto photos when emailing or exporting, saving photo/s to camera roll or sharing to third-party apps. Project Name, Description and watermark will appear over photos if captured.

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