Solocator iOS Version History



v2.19 (27 Feb 2024)

New in v2.18

  • Added option to select photo extension JPG or HEIC.
  • Added option to use passcode and biometrics to limit access to the app.
  • Updated framework for using volume buttons as the shutter button.
  • Added a selection of photo sizes for KMZ files in the customised email/export buttons section.
  • Added option to auto save photos to the cloud via WIFI only.
  • Fixed landscape orientation issue for iPad 8th Gen.
  • Minor Ul improvements and Bug fixes.

v2.18 (26 Aug 2023)

New in v2.18

  • Option to share original photos from the Solocator app library.
  • Option to save original photos to camera roll from Solocator app library.
  • Increased camera range (180°) for landscape orientation.
  • Added user-defined sort options for emailing.
  • Added filename fields separator selection.
  • UI changes to the Lock GPS Location screen.
  • Bug fix for tilt readings.
  • Option to rotate photo orientation in library edit if incorrectly captured.
  • Added photo format options “high efficiency” or “most compatible” in settings.
  • Export photo size fix for some devices.
  • Screen size fix for iPad mini (6th gen).

v2.17 (24 Mar 2023)

New in v2.17

  • Added address format to batch editing of geospatial information.
  • Added native mail app to export share sheet.
  • Fixed an issue exporting zip files for some users.
  • Fixed export photo sizes for iPad Air using iOS 12.
  • Updated support for device display zoom.
  • Minor camera UI improvements, including using volume buttons as a camera shutter.
  • Project name subfolders now support special characters (e.g. #, /, >) when autosaving photos to the cloud.

v2.16 (2 Feb 2023)

New in v2.16

  • Added option to edit/change geospatial information and formats after photos are taken.
  • You can now batch edit Project Name & Description fields separately (Industry Pack).
  • Added the plumb indicator back into Solocator settings.
  • Shutter animation on taking image.
  • Grouped export photo size and quality together, plus added clear cache button for unused exported files.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where some users experienced intermittently black/blank photos.
  • Fixed photo quality bug.
  • Fixed crash for Dropbox Pro users autosaving photos.
  • Fixed issue with “remember zoom level” for some devices.
  • Fixed crash when selecting between OneDrive destinations on iPad.
  • Improved KMZ file export and fixed crash that some users experienced.

v2.15 (21 Aug 2022)

  • Bug fix: File format issue for users downloading photos to computer via cable.
  • Bug fix: Email attachment issue for Outlook users.
  • Added filename format selection for autosaving photos to camera roll.

v2.14 (16 Aug 2022)

New in Standard App

  • Timer added to the camera with options for 5, 10 & 15 seconds delay.
  • Added Tilt, Roll and Crosshair overlays in camera view plus option to stamp onto photos.
  • Tilt and Roll added to EXIF metadata as well in email body text.
  • Photos saved to the camera roll are now saved with the filename Solocator-Date-Time
  • Added support for ultra wide angle camera within the pinch zoom. and tap between 0.5x, 1x and 2x pre-sets.
  • New setting to remember camera zoom level.
  • Search photos by date and date range.
  • Option to select between nearest time zones when taking photos on and around time zone borders.
  • Increased photo quality for maximum size photos.
  • Updates for iOS 15

New in Industry Pack (In-App Purchase)

  • Autosave photos to Microsoft OneDrive for Business including SharePoint Sites and Teams.
  • Add or edit text before taking photos. Tap Project name or Description field in camera to add/edit. Handy when notes are locked.
  • Search Notes Overlay fields in Photo Library. Search for “text” in each of the note fields; Project Name, Description and Watermark.
  • Photos saved to the camera roll are now saved with Export filename.
  • Added two new export/share button options: email map links (only) with photos and HTML file of photo details.
  • Photo number# option added for export filenames to match photo marker titles in KMZ file export.
  • Optimised KMZ export file Hierarchy to select/deselect photo directions or place marks.
  • Bug fix converting short distances between photos in map view.
  • Fixed crashing when using MGRS coordinate format in certain situations.
  • Updated frameworks for Dropbox and GoogleDrive exports.
  • Time zone, Tilt and Roll added to CSV file export.
  • Bug fix when unselecting photos in map view.

v2.13 (19 Dec 2020)

New in Standard App

  • Subfolders are now supported for autosaving photos to iCloud.
  • Camera UI bug fix for some devices when in zoomed mode and new iPhone sizes.

New in Industry Pack (In-App Purchase)

  • Added support for autosaving photos to OneDrive.
  • Added a user defined export filename field.
  • Added Street Address as an export filename field.
  • User defined options for street address format.
  • Alert for characters not supported for filename export.
  • Addition of photo number when exporting photos with the same filename.
  • User defined list to create photo marker titles in KML/KMZ file exports.
  • Made improvements to KML/KMZ file export for Windows PC users, for both Google Earth & ArcGIS.

v2.12 (28 Apr 2020)

  • Enhancements to camera zoom.
  • Updated date & time format in email body to match format stamped on photos.
  • Fixed date/time stamp when autosaving to camera roll using the standard app.
  • Fixed crash when exporting KMZ files.
  • Updated Dropbox SDK for customised exporting of photos/files.

v2.11 (31 Mar 2020)
We’ve made some enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Fix for manually saving multiple photos to camera roll.
  • Date label fix for crashing on launch for some users.
  • Fixed flash issue for front facing camera on pre iOS 13 devices.

v2.10 (18 Mar 2020)

New in Standard App

  • Selection of date formats added.
  • UTC time format option.
  • Option to show local time time zone.
  • Background gradient to date, time and notes area with your choice of opacity (between 30%-40% is my favourite).
  • Greater zoom for newer iPhones.
  • Some bug fixes including; compass reading and emailing KMZ files.

New in Industry Pack (In-App Purchase)

  • User defined export filename. Select and order from Notes Overlay fields.
  • Edit watermark and overlay format after photos are taken. (watermark cannot be edited to photos taken prior v2.10).
  • Batch edit for Notes Overlay fields; Project Name, Description & Watermark.
  • Updated Google Drive SDK for autosaving and exporting photos/files.

v2.9 (11 Jan 2020)

  • Added street address overlay in the Lock GPS Screen map view for easier property selection.
  • Added additional switch for emailing or exporting photos/files as a zip file under custom email/export selection lists. You can now continue emailing/ exporting without having to back to the settings screen to switch zip file option on or off.
  • Various improvements and bug fixes.

v2.8 (11 Oct 2019)

  • Bug fixes for crashes when viewing photos from library and editing watermark.
  • Increased description field to 90 characters and watermark field to 35 characters as requested.
  • Updates for iOS 13

v2.7 (6 Sep 2019)

  • Fixed UI issue for plus size iPhones.

v2.6 (3 Sep, 2019)

New in Standard App

  • Now you can autosave original & stamped photos to iCloud.
  • Fixed bug when locking app in landscape orientation.
  • You can now select between date and time separately.
  • Improved sorting of filenames in CSV file export.
  • Filenames in exported CSV files now match photos.
  • Changed Locked GPS alert notification.
  • UI enhancements to support latest iPhones.

New in Industry Pack
Added autosave to Dropbox and Google Drive for both original and stamped photos. You can also save photos in date or project name subfolders – automatically.

v2.5 (29 Mar 2019)
Version 2.5 has a number of improvements and fixes including the following:

  • Corrected time zones and improved caching for updating time based on user location.
  • Fixed an issue for some users with locked GPS positions.
  • Added extra functionality for handling photos when updating to new app versions, specifically for users with minimal device storage space.
  • Added option to email or export photos as a zip file. See archiving section in settings.
  • Added option to log out and switch between Google accounts when exporting/importing to and from Google Drive.
  • Added DMS.s coordinate format with one decimal place.
  • Fixes to CSV file export.

v2.4 (7 Nov 2018)
With v2.4 we’ve added a number of requested features in the standard app and in the Industry Pack including a feature called tracked photos.

New in Standard App

  • User defined photo sizes for exporting/emailing.
  • Approximate file size for emailing/exporting.
  • Share photos via standard sharing options.
  • Custom URL scheme – for details visit:
  • User defined font size for notes overlay.
  • Fixed bug when deleting single photos.
  • App now uses GPS location for time.
  • Support for front facing (selfie) camera.
  • Lock Capture Modes in camera view.
  • Compass improvements.
  • Support for 3D maps.
  • Optimised for iPad.


  • Lock notes overlay for taking photos with same info (extra tap on pencil in camera & turns red).
  • Export and email multiple photo info in KML, KMZ or CSV formats.
  • Export or email map with single or multiple photo locations.
  • Customise what to email or export.
  • Custom export to Dropbox & Google Drive.
  • Support for other export/sharing options.
  • New tracked photos in map view. View multiple photos by direction, distance between photos, area of photos taken and distance to user-added markers via KML files or dropped pins.
  • View and deselect photos from map view before emailing, exporting or sharing.
  • Added user defined distance interval for updating street address.

v2.3.5 (5 Jun 2016)

  • Fixed camera zoom – thanks Everton.
  • Bug fixes.

v2.3.4 (18 May 2016)
This update has a number of bug fixes including an issue for some devices crashing when taking photos plus a crashing issue for iPhone 4 users when app starts up.

v2.3.3 (22 Mar 2016)
With v2.3.3 we’ve made a bunch of tweaks and fixes in preparation for the next update plus a couple of new features.

New in Standard App

  • Overlay of date and time in camera view.
  • Lock camera in landscape mode switch added to settings.
  • Use volume buttons to control shutter.
  • Select a group of photos with one tap ready to email or save to camera roll.
  • New progress bar with count down of photos being saved to camera roll.
  • Fixed limit when saving photos to camera roll.
  • Increased the number of photos you can email.
  • Aspect ratio of photos amended to match camera roll.
  • New buttons added to camera for iPhone 5 and up; for settings screen, flash and lock location IAP). Plus you can still swipe.

New in Industry Pack (In-App Purchase)

  • Overlay of all notes in camera view.
  • Fixed crash when using capture modes only.
  • Removed descriptions switch on/off so photos are always stamped when saved, emailed or shared.

v2.3.2 (15 Jul 2015)
Fixed an issue with the In-App Purchase that affected some users.

v2.3.1 (8 Jul 2015)
Fixed crash when trying to email KML file.

v2.3 (30 Jun 2015)

New in Standard App

  • Free Trial of Industry Pack because some of you have asked to get a feel for it.
  • Option to take 2 photos at once and save to camera roll:
    • Auto save stamped photos to Camera Roll
    • Auto save original photos to Camera Roll
  • Restructured photo database with new sorting feature: Sort photos by time, location, distance from current location & by project name.
  • Option to use Unicode characters with GPS info for a cleaner look.
  • Reformatted email structure with a cleaner layout & we added more captured info.
  • Email photos with metadata in Exif format straight from the app.
  • Additional metadata captured in Exif format.
  • 24hr time format & refined text colours.
  • A stack of small tweaks throughout the app + clearing up of bugs.

New in Industry Pack (In-App Purchase)

  • Street mode: you can now stamp street address on photos when in network coverage.
  • UTM and MGRS grid coordinate formats are now supported.
  • Automated email subject line with project names.
  • Support for “ / ” character in project name.
  • Locked GPS location alert added to remind you when you’ve moved away by 50m/164ft.

v2.2 (28 Jul 2014)
In-app Purchase fix.

v2.1 (19 Jul 2014)
Fixed a bug that was causing the app to crash for some users.

v2.0 (18 Jun 2014)
Introduction of In-App Purchase “Industry Pack”.

New in Standard App

  • Tap on Compass to switch to Building Mode and vice versa.
  • Choice of True or Magnetic North.
  • GPS position accuracy added to GPS info overlay.
  • Option to choose between Metric & Imperial (m/ft).
  • Choice of Lat/Long Coordinate formats.
  • Added a Roll Indicator to assist in straighter photos and better accuracy of compass direction.
  • Photo quality option: Low/Med/High in settings.
  • Flash options added to settings auto/on/off.
  • Deal with multiple photos at once: email, delete or save to camera roll.
  • Show photo direction & location in map view.
  • Navigate to photo location using maps.
  • Choice of text color for notes white/grey/black.
  • Removed watermark.
  • Added Info/Help User Guide.
  • New flat UI.

New in Industry Pack (In-App Purchase)

  • Refine and lock GPS location. Ideal for those of you working in and around buildings; to improve your GPS location. You can also use it to lock the position of the asset or subject you’re photographing as opposed to where you’re standing.
  • Editable Notes: Stamp your photos with “Project name” & “Description”. The project name field could also be used for job or policy number. You can edit project name or description or just add the notes later when you’re back in the office.
  • Project name added as prefix to file name. Photos taken with project name at the time of capture are saved with prefix, which works with photos emailed for now.
  • Switch Compass & Building mode off and just show GPS info bar at the top.
  • Add your own watermark to your photos. e.g. company name or photographer name.
  • Email KML file of photo location.

v1.3 (31 May 2013)

  • Setting screen added.
  • Choose what GPS info you want to show on photos; GPS coordinates, Altitude, Compass Bearing or all of them.
  • Option to stamp date and time onto photos.
  • Exif data added to photos when saved to camera roll.

v1.2 (28 Mar 2013)

  • Refined photo metadata in emails sent from the app.
  • Added link to view location via iOS maps in emails sent.

v1.1 (25 Dec 2012)
iPad screen fixes.

v1.0 (4 Dec 2012)
Initial app release.

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